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Conferences in Europe can be so much better: focused, fast, interactive. We are European moderators who not only host your event, but help you set clear goals and assist you in designing a program that reaches those goals.

With the moderators Europe deserves

Professional Moderators

Our moderators do this as a profession. Not as a gig on the side. We train, reflect and peer-review ourselves. We use state of the art techniques and technologies

conference designers

We do not only moderate your event, we help you design the program. You are the expert in your field and know your goals. We are experts in methodology. We help you get more return on your investment. 

EU & Europe experts

We know how the EU works, what is hot and what is appropriate. We know the cultural habits and the lingo (yet we try to avoid them when possible).

Our Promises

  • We send the right moderator from Europe for the right event
  • We sit with you in an early stage to discuss what you want to achieve… and design the event so that we achieve that. So that you get maximum return on investment
  • We prepare everything that can be prepared
  • We always use interaction to improve results
  • We send you a detailed script
    • A minute to minute planning
    • Our technical requirements
    • All the little details
  • We arrive early to rehearse
  • We stop on time
  • We bring an interaction app; and voting cards and other props if desired, at no extra costs
  • We can do any topic. We are specialists in the format, you and the speakers are the specialist in the content. We make sure we prepare well about the topic, but being an outsider is our advantage: we make sure everybody understands what we talk about.

Get to know us even better

What our clients say about us....

Rogier moderated an event on drugs smuggling at the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam, in which I participated in as a speaker. With lots of positive energy, authentic interest in both the subject, the guests and the audience, he made the evening very interesting as well as entertaining.

Rogier moderated the Let’s Talk about your Future talkshow very well. This event with minister Kaag (foreign trade & development) was organized by Studium Generale together with Maastricht Working on Europe on the 15th of May 2019. Although the turnout appeared to be quite low, which normally makes it quite challenging to get an audience enthusiastic, Rogier handled the situation with great accuracy. With extra energy Rogier stirred up the audience. This created a great atmosphere with a lot of interaction. The evening ended with interesting discussions.

Fueling the future summit - Hydrogen

Rogier Elshout is a real professional. With great confidence you can leave him on stage. Rogier creates interaction, asks the right questions and is well prepared.

It was pleasure working with Rogier. Both throughout the preparation period and during the performance of the programme, Rogier was very involved and enthusiastic. He was thoroughly prepared. He got people energized, made discussions light heartedly when needed, but always kept the right tone for the occasion. The topic –military interventions- was difficult and sensitive, but he focused the debate perfectly. Rogier is very good at sensing the atmosphere, he reacts fast and appropriate to this. He gave people the room to vent, but never lost control. Above all, it was a perfect evening.

Eurojust Cecilia Thorfinn, Head of the Corporate Communications Unit, Eurojust
Maastricht University Studium Generale
Daphne van Meer management productions
De Balie Amsterdam Zara - programmemaker

Our Moderators for Europe

Rogier Elshout


Rogier has 8 year full time experience in moderation - live, television and mixed. His style is charming, fast and with humor. Not beating about the bush but straight to the core of the matter. hard on content, soft on people. 

As student (public administration) he was the EU youth representative for the Netherlands. Ever since the EU has never seize to fascinate him. He is co-founder of Brussels Bubbles, the monthly talkshow about media, spin and politics of the Brussels Bubble. All this comes together in Moderating European events.

European Event planning & EU conference organizing/moderating tips and tricks


video: How to set up a room for a conference
Put your chairs in an interactive setting. Where people can face each other. Now your passive spectators become active participants.
video: Not sure if your guest speaker is a great speaker? Interview them instead!
There are 3 crucial questions to ask about a guest speaker before you should let them give a speech. When in doubt: have your moderator interview them.

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Make your events so inspiring that people keep talking about it, so fun that time flies and so relevant that people come back. Hire the best Moderators for your event with eModder.

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