Conferences can be so much better. We are event professionals who not only host your event, but help you set clear goals, design your program and help you achieve the outcome you want.


Our moderators do this as a profession. We train, reflect and peer-review ourselves. We use state of the art techniques and technologies. 

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We not only moderate your event, we help you design the program. You are the expert in your field and know your goals. We are experts in methodology to get the best results. We help you get more return on your investment. 

EU & Europe

We know how the EU works, what is hot and what is appropriate. We know the cultural habits and the lingo (yet we try to avoid them when possible).

We believe that conferences can be so much better

Faster. Less beating about the bush. Straight to the core of the matter. Interactive and inclusive. So that people leave with more energy than they came with. And thus much more effective.

We are on a mission to change the standard for conferences in Brussels Bubble and the rest of Europe. So that we have better conversations and thus better policies for all Europeans.


No ritual dance around the protocol pole. People are on the edge of their seat from beginning till end. Because the content is relevant, spot-on and in-depth and straight to the core of the matter.  They are involved, surprised and amused. No spectators, only participants.


Events should be inclusive for all people, voices and opinions. By actively searching and involving them. And by lowering barriers to participate in the design, language, atmosphere and methods.


We believe that conferences can have a much higher return on investment. That begins with defining clear goals, setting the bar high and then thinking creatively on how to achieve those goals.

Events that really inspire, set change in motion and connect people, lead to better policies for all Europeans.

Online seminars, webinars and online talkshows

Since Covid19, many events have gone digital or hybrid. It will take a while before things go back to normal. But most likely they never will. We help you to get ready for the new reality.
A good online event is not only trying to be as good as a live event. It uses the advantages of the digital age to engage more people and yield higher results, while still try to connect people like they are in the same room. That requires more than just a good recording of your event. It requires rethinking your event from the bottom up. We help you get the most out of it.


We find the right moderator for your event, who fits to your goals, audience, topic and atmosphere.

We make sure we understand what we talk about. But most importantly, we make sure we understand where you want the conversation to lead to.


We sit with you in an early stage to help you define your goals clearly.

A good event is not a stand alone event. It is part of your promotion or public affairs strategy. It is the beginning, catalyst or grand finale of a longer process. We help you make the most of it.


We do not only help you with the content. We help you design your whole event. The whole look and feel. We provide you  a detailed script.

We can even do the whole organisation of your event. So that you can focus on the content and mingle with your guests.

When we go on stage,
our work is 80% done.


We guide you from idea to evaluation

Our team

of moderators & event professionals for Europe

Moderator with many years expierence. Knows how Europe works. Brings every topic to live.

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Rogier Elshout

Moderator who aims to connect people. I love to help people cooperate.

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Katharina Moser

Ensures lively meaningful discussions, powerful messages and a strong link with the current affairs.

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Beatriz Rios

brings positive energy and connects the dots between topics.

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Anna Gumbau

Using humor to make your message hit home.

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Greg Shapiro

For a smooth process

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Rajjan El Alaoui

making debates relevant and inclusive

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Mared Gwyn

Dino Subašić, creating space for every voice

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Dino Subašić

European Event planning & EU conference organizing/moderating tips and tricks


#eventtip: Hybrid event manual. It all starts with burning desire and healthy ambition. And a pinch of technicalities.
Download the Hybrid event canvas: the tool to decide if hybrid is worth it and a manual and checklist to start with a meaningful hybrid event.
#eventtip: Shine like a star: How to show remote speakers so that you forget they aren’t in the room. Or at least almost.
What are some do's and dont's to make remote speakers look as naturally as possible? make remote speakers part of the conversation!

Rogier moderated the Let’s Talk about your Future talkshow very well. This event with minister Kaag (foreign trade & development) was organized by Studium Generale together with Maastricht Working on Europe on the 15th of May 2019. Although the turnout appeared to be quite low, which normally makes it quite challenging to get an audience enthusiastic, Rogier handled the situation with great accuracy. With extra energy Rogier stirred up the audience. This created a great atmosphere with a lot of interaction. The evening ended with interesting discussions.

Maastricht University
Studium Generale

It was pleasure working with Rogier. Both throughout the preparation period and during the performance of the programme, Rogier was very involved and enthusiastic. He was thoroughly prepared. He got people energized, made discussions light heartedly when needed, but always kept the right tone for the occasion. The topic –military interventions- was difficult and sensitive, but he focused the debate perfectly. Rogier is very good at sensing the atmosphere, he reacts fast and appropriate to this. He gave people the room to vent, but never lost control. Above all, it was a perfect evening.

De Balie Amsterdam
Zara - programmemaker

Fueling the future summit - Hydrogen

Rogier Elshout is a real professional. With great confidence you can leave him on stage. Rogier creates interaction, asks the right questions and is well prepared.

Daphne van Meer
management productions

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