About moderating.eu

Events can be so much more fun, interesting and effective. Too often people have to sit it it out, waiting for the drinks to start. Death by powerpoint, panel discussions that are just long monologues and presentations and debates that are avoiding the controversy.

We want to bring change to the Brussels Bubble. So that people enjoy events, the precious time of people is used efficiently and you as a an organizer get maximum return on your investment: maximum achievement of the goals that you have set.

We do not only moderate your event, we help you design it for maximum results.

We are always looking for moderators to join our team. Do you share our values and adhere to our way of working? get in touch.

Our Story

Rogier: "The EU is super exiting! So many people from so many countries coming together to work on a better society. But events are often so much less than they could be. I want to contribute in making the bubble a better place!