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Explain video: Mural tutorial

Tutorial on how to use Mural in an online/hybrid event, training or workshop. Have you been invited to a workshop or training where we use Mural? This Mural tutorial helps you be ready for it and make the most of it.

In this video, Rogier Elshout shows how to prepare yourself for a training or event where we use this digital whiteboard.

My 3 most important tips in this Mural tutorial:

1: Use a second screen for Mural

It works more easy if you have Mural on the one screen, and your videocall or videostream on the other. this way you don’t have to switch windows all the time. Maybe you have a second screen to your laptop or pc. If not: have the videocall on your phone or tablet and Mural on a laptop or PC (As that is more easy to edit the whiteboard).

2: learn the basic features of Mural

  • Figure out how scrolling and zooming works on your device. There are different settings for a touchscreen/trackpad and a mouse. Easy navigating helps a lot. See here for more on Murals’ Website.
  • Place and copy/paste sticky notes.
  • Paste (moving) images

3: Have fun

It is pretty intuitive and most likely only a few functions will be used, so don’t be intimidated. Also, when many people work in it simultaneously you might get confused by all the arrows flying around: relax, just ignore them and focus on what yo would like to post into the Mural!

Why do we use Mural?

  1. It helps to keep a visual oversight of where we are. It is like a map of the event.
  2. We can gather much input quickly. It is also inclusive: everybody is invited to contribute, not just the volunteers who want to speak up. And we can select speakers based on their input, not their eagerness.
  3. It is great to get new ideas in a brainstorm.
  4. It helps us to quickly see what issues are controversial (and thus need more deliberation).
  5. Visual minutes of the meeting.
Scheme of why we use Mural

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