​Opening the event
is ​almost the last thing we do.

  • We do not only moderate your event, we help you design it for maximum results
  • We know Europe: how it works, what is sensitive and what is the lingo (But well speak normal language)
  • We are professionals: we treat our work as a profession
  • We are neutral, objective outsiders. We don't come to voice our opinion, we come to help you obtain results

working with us means we take work of your shoulders...


We help you set clear goals 

We meet with you in an early stage to discuss the background, goals, expectations and deliverables … and design the event so that we achieve them. So that you get maximum return on investment. 


We send you a detailed script

We send you a detailed script with everything you have and hadn't thought about.

  • A minute to minute planning of the event
  • Our technical requirements
  • Technical and room setup
  • All the little details
  • To do list


We prepare

We study the content, have preparatory interviews with speakers and prepare interaction tools. So that we know what is going on.


We arrive early 

We arrive early to set the right set-up, test equipment and run through the program with you.

We can bring

  • a Catchbox
  • red/green voting cards
  • interaction app
  • intercom (you whisper in our ear)
  • a bell, countdown clock or auction hammer


We moderate your event, and make sure we don't run late

Swiftly we go through the program. Time conscious and based on the pre-agreed schedule, but with room to improvise where of added value to the goals. And we end on the agreed time, everybody wants to go to the drinks.

Case studies

case: presentor European award show: make it interesting to watch
By initiative of the European Parliament, The European Commission hands out the Altierro Spinelli Awards to initiatives that help young[...]
case: moderating the largest train and railway conference in Europe (and on Earth) Rail Tech Europe 2021
https://youtu.be/LYtsKkUVNww Summary with some highlights of the 3 day conference on transport and trains. All images (c) Promedia group Railtech[...]
Case: Lessons from the Green Week: make it personal, engage with the audience
It is not often that a conference starts with a guided meditation session but that was the case during the[...]

Give your event the Moderation it deserves

Make your events so inspiring that people keep talking about it, so fun that time flies and so relevant that people come back. Hire the best Moderators for your event with ​moderating.eu

With the moderators your event deserves.