Jakub Zientala

Curious questions and meaningful exchange.

Jakub Zientala

During and before the event I want to make sure that everybody feels comfortable and almost like at home. I create an atmosphere where everyone feels they are a vital part of the discussion and they can contribute to it. I believe that every question and each perspective matters. With that in mind I always strive to build interactive sessions and build a healthy dynamic between the audience and panellists.

  • Not afraid of difficult subjects.
  • Makes sure everyone feels comfortable during the discussion.
  • Builds meaningful dialogue with the audience.
years freelance trainer
years policy advocate

near infinite curiosity

Thorough curiosity.

No subject is boring or too difficult to stop Jakub’s curiosity. In his mind the world is full of wonder and new mysteries waiting to be uncovered. This curiosity leads him not only to thorough preparation of the topic and speakers, but also to new questions, new angles and new conversations.

Strategic eye.

Jakub is a public affairs professional with a rich background at the European and international level - from very political to very technical. This experience and this strategic thinking helps you get the most impact with your event.

Unexpectedly creative.

Jakub is a quick and creative thinker. This leads to unexpected jokes that lighten the discussion, unexpected questions that deepen the discussion and unexpected links that broaden the discussion.


Greg made the difference

Greg made the difference between a pretty-good event and an excellent event. His total understanding of the content, his humour, and his optimistic persona gave the event depth and made it sparkle

Sylvester Lindemulder - Logica Innovation Day

A great mix

We had a lot of fun with Greg as our host for our young professionals event. A great mix between humor and serious interviews onstage. That led to good energy in the audience

Marit van Heugten - Drecht Cities

humor mixed with a serious note

Greg brought humor to our theme, mixed with a serious note. It gave energy and fun to a serious discussion, which led to more enthusiasm and interaction with our audience

Marike Scholten - Windesheim Univ. Sustainability Event
  • ABout Jakub Zientala

Jakub Zientala

Jakub is a public affairs professional with a rich background in youth activism at the European and international level. Jakub is also a freelance trainer who covers media literacy, hate speech and much more. He was born in Warsaw and currently resides in the Netherlands.

He’s fluent in Polish and English. Currently learning German. Can get around in Dutch, Russian and Czech.

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