Mared Gwyn

Honesty, empathy 

sharp analysis

Mared Gwyn

As a moderator and political commentator, I come alive when connecting people in debate. My moderating style is dynamic, interactive and authentic. I focus on cutting out jargon, making debates relevant and inclusive, and asking the right (and sometimes difficult) questions.

  • Making complex debates relevant and exciting.
  • Putting the audience first.
  • Warmth and enthusiasm that energises audiences.
years EU affairs
years events professional


Mared follows EU and international policy on technology, trade, healthcare and foreign affairs, and always has her finger on the news pulse. When moderating, she uses her breadth of information to challenge established, euro-centric ideas and uses the power of debate to generate new ideas.  


Experience has taught Mared that often, the questions we are too afraid to ask are the best ones. Her goal as a moderator is to put audiences at ease and empower everyone to speak their minds, so that the boldest questions never go unheard. A digital native, she also uses the power of technology to open up the debate.

In tune with the audience.

Mared uses her experiences as a singer and performer to capture her audiences. She creates a contagious energy to make the audience feel connected and engaged, and to break down the fourth wall. She knows how to adapt pace, rhythm and energy to keep audiences engaged at all times.


prepared thoroughly and moderated with warmth and empathy

Mared is a great moderator. She moderated two high-level events for DG EAC with professionalism and skill. She prepared thoroughly and moderated with warmth and empathy, showing a great stage presence. She energised the audience, managed complex choreography and last-minute changes with ease, kept time firmly and drew sharp conclusions. She was instrumental in the success of our events.

Paola Ottonello - Policy Officer: International cooperation @D G EAC, European Commission
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Biography of Mared Gwyn

Mared Gwyn is a communications expert, political commentator and event moderator. She has worked in EU public affairs for five years, advising on policy areas including sustainability, technology, healthcare and trade.

As a consultant and marketeer, she designs and moderates events and debates in live, hybrid and virtual formats. She also frequently reports from Brussels for UK media including BBC Wales, S4C and BBC 5 Live.

Mared is passionate about discovering new voices in European politics and inspiring young people from all backgrounds to contribute to policy debates. She speaks native Welsh and English, is fluent in Spanish and French, and speaks basic Portuguese and Italian.

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