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Case: moderator webinars on hydrogen and the energy transition

The energy transition is happening very vast. Hydrogen is increasingly important in it. Because hydrogen is not only useful to temporarily store electricity, but in a multitude of appliances and to transport energy globally. The Netherlands believes that they are the perfect place to be the worlds hydrogen hub. What they have to offer and are they right?

In 3 online seminars TNO wanted to position the Netherlands as the international hydrogen hub and themselves as the right knowledge partner in the energy transition.

host webinar hydrogen

Rogier was asked to moderate the 3 webinars on hydrogen. In the running op to the webinars he helped the client to get their goals clear. He helped the speakers to make their presentations shorter, easier to understand and focused on the message they wanted to convey (and leave the rest).

design webinar hydrogen

Rogier also helped to design the program. He broke the lectures up into smaller blocks and converted them into conversations. Also, he added strategic interaction and a little critical touch.

Watch the webinars on hydrogen and its role in the energy transition

TNO Insights Webinar: The Netherlands as an international hydrogen hub

Which collaborations and hydrogen projects are there? Are we cooperating internationally with other countries? What is the position of the Netherlands in the field of hydrogen relative to other countries? Rene Peters from TNO, Noe van Hulst Hydrogen Envoy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Rene Schutte from Gasunie discuss the important role of hydrogen and the position that the Netherlands plays in the transition to a sustainable energy supply.!/tnowebcasts/20191209_1

Hydrogen Webinar: applications and production of Hydrogen

Which applications, facilities and technologies for, for example,  production of hydrogen are available? What can you do with hydrogen? What is the business case? What are the risks? How do we keep costs as low as possible? Lennart van der Burg and Roel Natris of TNO will discuss the applications of hydrogen in the transition to a sustainable energy supply. TNO is involved in a large number of national and international projects in the field of sustainable mobility and logistics. TNO and partners are also working on pioneering technologies such as the conversion of electricity into heat (Power2Heat), the production of hydrogen via innovative electrolysers (Power2Hydrogen), the conversion of sustainable hydrogen into fuels (Power2Fuels also known as E-Fuels or Electrofuels) and the indirect thermochemical and direct electrochemical conversion of water, CO2 and nitrogen with the help of electricity to chemicals (Power2Chemicals).!/tnowebcasts/20191128_1

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