Rajjan El Alaoui

For a smooth process and a higher return on investment.

Rajjan El Alaoui

Rajjan is project- & office manager. He is your steady point of contact. He helps you with selecting right moderator and he makes sure the whole project runs smooth. besides that, Rajjan is an experienced event- and marketing manager who is able to advise you on your many aspects of getting the most out of your event

  • One contact person for your whole project
  • Marketing and event specialist
  • Eye for detail
years’ experience as event host
years as EU citizen
years making YouTube show ‘The United States of Europe’

A Gentleman Onstage.

Greg uses humor, but always with a diplomatic touch. Literally. He has performed for the Netherlands Embassy, as well as hosting events for French President François Hollande, and once for King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands. 

An Onstage Veteran. 

Greg has experience hosting events where everything goes right - and when it goes wrong. “Greg provided lots of laughter in an otherwise very serious crowd. Although confronted with some technical difficulties, Greg was well-equipped to improvise and let the show go on. I would definitely recommend Greg as a host!  
-Judith de Lange, Dutch Data Center Hub 

A published author.

Greg Shapiro is the author of 3 books, such as THE AMERICAN NETHERLANDER: 25 Years of Expat Tales, available internationally. Greg uses his experience with dual nationality to bridge the gap between cultures, between organizations, and between the presenters and the audience.


Greg made the difference

Greg made the difference between a pretty-good event and an excellent event. His total understanding of the content, his humour, and his optimistic persona gave the event depth and made it sparkle

Sylvester Lindemulder - Logica Innovation Day

A great mix

We had a lot of fun with Greg as our host for our young professionals event. A great mix between humor and serious interviews onstage. That led to good energy in the audience

Marit van Heugten - Drecht Cities

humor mixed with a serious note

Greg brought humor to our theme, mixed with a serious note. It gave energy and fun to a serious discussion, which led to more enthusiasm and interaction with our audience

Marike Scholten - Windesheim Univ. Sustainability Event
  • ABout Greg SHAPIRO

Rajjan El Alaoui


Rajjans blogs

Eventtip: painfully accurate
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IHLtRCaSrE& Greg Shaprio explaines vaccine delays in 2 minutes. Funny, but also painfully accurate.

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