Rajjan El Alaoui

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Rajjan El Alaoui

Rajjan is project- & event manager. He is your steady point of contact. He helps you with selecting the right moderator for your event and he makes sure the whole project runs smooth. Besides that, Rajjan is an experienced event- and marketing manager who is able to advise you on your many aspects of getting the most out of your event.

  • One contact person for your whole project
  • Marketing and event specialist
  • Eye for detail
years events experience
years marketing experience
event projects


As project manager Rajjan is your contact person. He helps you choose the right moderator for your event and takes care of all the paperwork, practicalities and keeps track of the progress.


As event manager, Rajjan helps you thinking about the big decisions for your event and all the nitty gritty details. And if you wish so, takes off al the worries of your shoulders.


As marketeer, Rajjan helps you to reach the right audience with the right tool with the right message. So that they come to the event. Or even if they don't: still get the message.

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Rajjan El Alaoui

Rajjan El Alaoui is an energetic, studious, and ambitious event and marketing specialist. He has become an expert in organizing physical, hybrid and online events.  He was responsible for the marketing and communication of several companies. Rajjan always tries to motivate his clients and colleagues with his positive attitude. In his free time Rajjan empties his mind with rock climbing.

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