Roberto Perez-Rocha

Shaping Discussions, Bridging Cultures, Driving Change

Roberto Perez-Rocha

Roberto is a seasoned professional, specializing as a moderator, facilitator, and session designer with extensive experience in the non-profit and public sectors.

  • Moderation and Debate Design Expertise: Over 20 years of experience in moderating and designing high-level debates and world-class events.
  • Cross-Cultural Experience and Sensitivity: A global perspective gained by moderating and organizing high profile events in almost all regions of the world, fostering inclusive discussions.
  • Political Savvy and Influence: Background in ministerial level advisory roles, presidential campaigns, and the Senate, navigating political landscapes with finesse.
Decades of professional experience.
Sessions designed and moderated.
Locations worldwide.

Interactive and Engaging Dynamics

Roberto Perez-Rocha exhibits an exceptional dedication to crafting highly interactive and engaging discussions. His moderation style is meticulously designed to encourage active participation and contributions from participants, thereby cultivating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere within the dialogue.

Roberto's commitment to creating an interactive experience ensures that discussions transcend traditional formats, fostering an environment where ideas flow freely, and participants are actively involved in the discourse.

Facilitator of Learning

In his role as a moderator, Roberto Perez-Rocha goes above and beyond mere facilitation; he is deeply committed to ensuring that every member of the audience departs with valuable new learnings. Roberto possesses a unique skill set for simplifying complex and often controversial topics.

His approach provides clarity that empowers attendees to comprehend intricate issues, making the learning experience accessible and engaging. Roberto's dedication to facilitating learning transforms each discussion into an opportunity for intellectual growth and enlightenment.

Direct Transfer Knowledge Emotions

Roberto Perez-Rocha's approach is distinguished by his remarkable ability to directly transfer knowledge and emotions between the panel and the audience seamlessly. Striving for a profound connection with the audience, Roberto goes beyond the intellectual realm, actively engaging on an emotional level.

By making discussions relatable and impactful, he ensures that the transfer of information transcends a one-way exchange. Roberto's commitment to connecting both intellectually and emotionally adds a unique and enriching dimension to every discussion, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

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Moderator Roberto Perez-Rocha

Roberto is a seasoned professional, specializing as a moderator, facilitator, and session designer with extensive experience in the non-profit and public sectors. His academic foundation includes post-graduate degrees from Universidad Pompeu Fabra and the London School of Economics, complemented by a Bachelor's degree (with Honors) from Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico. With nearly three decades of expertise, Roberto is well-equipped to engage global experts on diverse topics at the forefront of today's global agenda.

Event Manager

"Roberto, a bridge between cultures, driving change through dynamic discussions."

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