of interactive conferences and seminars in Brussels and the rest of the EU.

Moderating events in Brussels and the rest of Europe

As moderator of your conference or seminar we make sure that we achieve the results that we have set. A good conference or seminar make the audience feel like VIPS: engaged, informed and entertained at the same time. As moderators, we always use interaction to achieve this, and to achieve a higher impact. Because If people are involved though interaction, they remember more. And are more likely to take action. As moderator we do not only moderate your conference or seminar, we support you in the design and organisation. Thereby we help you create a better conference. We look at the big picture. So that we can adjust to the context, content, sensitivities and desired tone and atmosphere.  

  • We do not only moderate your event, we help you design it for maximum results
  • When moderating, we mind all aspect: program, time, atmosphere and delicacies. All while focused on your goals
  • We make sure your audience feels like the VIP of your conference or seminar

A good moderator knows how Brussels works

There are many conferences and seminars in Brussels, Strasbourg and the rest of Europe. A good moderator is crucial to make it a success. A good moderator is informed about the topic and knows how the European Union and policy making works. Who knows the difference between the European council and the council of Europe.  Who knows how the European Commission and the European Parliament work. On paper, and in practice. Who knows the protocol, but also tries to work around that as much as possible.

The real proof of understanding complexity

is keeping it really simple

We know our topics. But also how to bring them to live

Whatever the topic of your seminar, debate, conference, meeting or presentation, we will make sure we understand the topic in all its complexity. And then we will simplify it.

The right moderator for all kind of events

Whatever your seminar, debate, conference, meeting, presentation, award show or other style of event you organize, we have the right moderator for you. A good moderator adjusts like a chameleon to the topic, atmosphere and audience of your event.

We know the Brussels Bubble, but like to keep it real

The Brussels bubble is a world on its own. With a jargon, etiquette and way of working. We know how it works, but we try to keep your events accessible and understandable for everyone. This way we not only make the Brussels bubble accesible, but we also challenge the bubble.

Give your event the Moderation it deserves

Make your events so inspiring that people keep talking about it, so fun that time flies and so relevant that people come back. Hire the best Moderators for your event in Brussels o the rest of Europe with

With the moderators your event deserves.