I love it when a plans comes together

You don't organise an event because it is nice. You organise it to get results. We help you set clear goals and help you reach them.

Clear goals.

It all starts with clear goals. "What should be different the day after your conference? What should people know, feel and do?"


Many moderators only look at your event. But a good event is not a stand alone event. It is part of your promotion or public affairs strategy. It is the beginning, catalyst or grand finale of a longer process. We look at your event from that perspective. We help you make the event fit nicely. And advice you about the steps before and after your event to maximize your effect.

strategy focus.

Many moderators work from a journalistic starting point. Asking questions, wondering and making your guest say something newsworthy. We can do that as well. But it is not our starting point. That is strategy. We build the program, interaction and our interventions from a strategic angle.

Todays conversations should lead to tomorrows actions.

Case: rethinking the strategy of a debate

Rogier: A while ago I moderated the annual meeting of the umbrella organisation of real estate agents in Uganda. At the end of day one there was debate with the minister of housing. "We want to use that to gather new ideas about what the government should do for us."
I told them: "No can do. In a plenary debate, rarely new ideas float. And I think you already know what you want the government to do. The problem is not a lack of ideas, but a lack of commitment. You don't want that minister to see your members argue about ideas, but put pressure on him to do something."

Instead we did the following:

  1. We used the time before the debate to draft a manifesto and get the members behind it.
  2. We reframed it from "this is our list of demands" to "lets work together to solve the housing crisis, we both have to play our part."
  3. We visualised the partnership as two pieces of the puzzle to make sure we had the right picture in the newspaper.
  4. We didn't force the minister to promise things he wasn't authorised to, but in their follow up they can always come back to the pact. And at next years conference, we will surely remind him and ask him what he has done so far.

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