Training in online meetings


​All of a sudden the world has gone digital. And now the world of providing training, chairing meetings and holding conferences has gone digital. At least for a while, but most likely: for ever. People have learned to work remotely and tasted the benefits. More and more events will go digital. And the expectations will go up. Reading a powerpoint on your webcam doesn't cut it anymore. We teach you to be great.

​training how to design, organise & facilitate online meetings, trainings & webinars/online seminars

  • ​Learn all aspects of a great online event: technical but also strategical, tactical and creative.
  • ​get more results from your online meeting: do more in less time with more input and more satisfaction.
  • ​Tailor the training to your own needs by using the modules you need. Use our basics, advantaged and pro sessions.


​No boring online lectures: we have theory on demand so we can use meeting time​ the way ​it should be: interactive, engaging and for the group to meet.


​Pilots don't learn to fly from reading a book about airplanes. Our training is to do, try, fiddle, fail, improve, give feedback, get feedback and get better.


​Technical skills are important. But creativity, ambition and exchanging ideas ​are the foundation. We discuss, debate and brainstorm.

Most online annoyances are the same as offline, just amplified. So we teach you to...

1: design and create great events.

​We go over the basics of meetings, events and interaction

​2: ​​get online as close to live as possible

​We ​show methods and techniques to bridge the virtual distance​.

​3: ​use ​tools ​to ​side step the downsides of face to face.

​​We help you discover great online tools that increase participation, equality, results and ​happiness

​Learn to do create and host...

​online meetings

  • ​Make decisions faster and with more support.
  • Don't backtrack on decisions but take steps
  • Have discussions on topic and inclusive: with everybody heard equally and on board​
  • ​Do more in less time, so you can also mind the human aspect of teams.
  • use visual tools to get more out brainstorming and have your minutes made on the spot.

​online trainings

  • Get a higher learning curve.
  • Get more student involvement.
  • ​Get better feedback and filter questions from your students.
  • transfer not only knowledge but also enthusiasm.

​​online seminars

  • Turn one way communication into a lively discussion.
  • ​Turn spectators into participants.
  • Don't loose participants during your program.
  • make it look like Professional TV with simple equipment.