The EU Green Trucks Summit: How to clean up the trucking sector in time.

12 October 2022

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The end of this year will be a defining moment for the trucking sector as lawmakers propose when and how fast trucks, buses and coaches should transition to zero emission vehicles. While making up only 2% of the fleet, heavy duty vehicles (HDVs) are responsible for 28% of the EU’s road transport emissions. With an expected activity growth of 44% between now and 2050, polluting trucks are on track to undo all the emissions savings from electrifying cars in the 2020s unless the EU changes their sales trajectory.

The European Commission’s revision of the CO2 standards for trucks November 30th will therefore be the make-or-break moment to set trucks on the path to a future without emissions. At the Green Truck Summit, T&E in collaboration with Agora Verkehrswende will launch its new study on the feasibility of 100% new zero emission trucks: when can we expect them to be cheaper, while matching the capabilities of diesel rigs today?