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Katharina Moser

Katharina Moser is a designer of meaningful connection to foster collaboration on global challenges. She has designed, organized, and moderated around 300 events, focusing on making them more human. In 2022 she joined the Executive Board of the Inner Development Goals, leading the design of the summit 2023.

  • Always speaks to both - brains and hearts.  
  • Moderates like she dances: in a smooth flow, with charm - and focus.
  • Makes sure to protect the audience from boredom.
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years European projects

The potential of events for positive transformation

My goal is to design and facilitate events that are relevant and transformative to the challenges of our global society. I, therefore, want to work with companies, organisations and institutions whose values I can represent and who want to have a positive social or ecological impact through their event.

Away from the cliché circus, towards authentic connection

I am convinced that - in the sense of the Inner Development Goals - we can only solve global challenges if we also consider our inner capabilities as an essential tool for doing so. Through years of experience, I have learned how important it is to pay attention not only to the external (rational-cognitive) content of events, but also to what this does inside the participants.

I, therefore, attach particular importance to creating connection: 1) of the participants to the topic, 2) of the participants to the speakers and 3) of the participants to each other. This requires time in the programme, the courage to allow for personal conversations and the motivation to work with interactive, innovative methods and formats. I understand your assignment as a mandate to bring these elements into your event.

Living diversity & sustainability. 

I want to work with clients who live diversity and sustainability (throughout the entire event planning and implementation), and thank you for your efforts to incorporate both as crucial success factors in your event. 

People will forget what you said.
They will forget what you did.
But they will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Nokia can shut down, ‘cause she really knows how to connect people.

Volina Serban , interpreter

Katharina is like doping in optimism

Katharina is like doping in optimism

Teresa Reiter , political acteur and journalist

It has been a pleasure working with Katharina

The role she played so well contributed to keeping our members engaged and the success of our meetings.


I have been to a lot of events in my life, but seldom have I experienced something as inspiring as this group of people that Katharina brought together and led so perfectly well.

Bernhard Kerres , former opera singer and head of Vienna Concert House
  • ABout Katharina moser

Katharina Moser 

Katharina Moser is a designer of meaningful connection to foster collaboration on global challenges.

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