Rogier Elshout

Bringing every topic to live.

Rogier Elshout

I moderate your event professionally and safeguard the goals, atmosphere and content. With humor, up-tempo and always interactive.

  • Focus on ‘return on investment’: how do we maximise the effectiveness of your event?
  • Brings dry topics to life and complicated matter back to the core
  • always interactive
  • Expert in online & hybrid events: technicalities, methods & interaction to keep your target audience engaged, involved and satisfied.
years full time moderator
events annually
years EU experience


Rogier does any kind of event. On any topic. "One day I'm facilitating a small, very serious meeting and the next day I host an award show. One day I have an event on health care, the next day on using EU satellite data in development cooperation. The only constant factor is that I always adjust methods, atmosphere, energy level and even my clothing to fit the event." 

dry topics to life.

Rogier's talent is to bring dry topics to life and complicated matter back to the essence. "By making the abstract concrete, using examples and taking things into absurdity, it is not only less boring, it also helps to find the controversy and put it on the table." 

Brussels bubbles.

Rogier is the moderator of the talkshow Brussels bubbles."The Brussels Bubble is exciting. I want to show that to the world. And events in Brussels are often boring panels or bacchanals. We bring politainment. I want to show that entertainment and content strengthen each other. And hosting your own talkshow is a dream come true." 

Online can be as good as offline, but that requires a complete re-thinking. Shorter, activating and creative. .


Online you reach new audiences, no matter where they are. Tuning in online has lower barriers than a physical meeting. But that requires a redesign of your program: faster, to the point and more activating.
I help you with methods that work. To keep your audeince engaged for a better result: more poeple remembering your message.


How to engage people who sit at home? How to make speakers truly interact with the audience? How to keep people awake and active? And how to make sure they listen to you and not go make a coffee? I help you with interaction design that really works

home studio.

Ì have a fully functional home studio with professional equipment, multicamera registration, video players and interaction software. Ideal and cost saving if you have no or only 1 studio guest.


Rogier moderated the Let’s Talk about your Future talkshow very well. This event with minister Kaag (foreign trade & development) was organized by Studium Generale together with Maastricht Working on Europe on the 15th of May 2019. Although the turnout appeared to be quite low, which normally makes it quite challenging to get an audience enthusiastic, Rogier handled the situation with great accuracy. With extra energy Rogier stirred up the audience. This created a great atmosphere with a lot of interaction. The evening ended with interesting discussions.

Maastricht University - Studium Generale

Fueling the future summit - Hydrogen

Rogier Elshout is a real professional. With great confidence you can leave him on stage. Rogier creates interaction, asks the right questions and is well prepared.

Daphne van Meer - management productions

It was pleasure working with Rogier. Both throughout the preparation period and during the performance of the programme, Rogier was very involved and enthusiastic. He was thoroughly prepared. He got people energized, made discussions light heartedly when needed, but always kept the right tone for the occasion. The topic –military interventions- was difficult and sensitive, but he focused the debate perfectly. Rogier is very good at sensing the atmosphere, he reacts fast and appropriate to this. He gave people the room to vent, but never lost control. Above all, it was a perfect evening.

De Balie Amsterdam - Zara - programmemaker

Rogier moderated an event on drugs smuggling at the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam, in which I participated in as a speaker. With lots of positive energy, authentic interest in both the subject, the guests and the audience, he made the evening very interesting as well as entertaining.

Eurojust - Cecilia Thorfinn, Head of the Corporate Communications Unit, Eurojust

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