Trainings to give the best presentations and events in Brussels

Our mission to make events and policy making in the EU bubble better goes beyond moderating. We see lots of speeches, presentations and events. We know what works. And we know how to train you to make it work for you. We have many years experience as trainers in all aspects of interaction between people. Our training and coaching is:


  • Easy to use techniques focused on practical use.
  • Little theory, lots of practice.
  • practice is tailored to your reality and needs.


  • Knowledge, skills and attitude level.
  • We train what to do, how to do it and how to continue learning.
  • Ready to apply from day one.


  • small groups.
  • Trainees in charge: we help you set your personal learning goals, and we tailor the training to that.
  • Peer learning and peer feedback.

Choose from our Brussels trainings

Public Speaking training

Give a presentation or speech that is engaging, convincing and memorable?

Media and interview training

How do you stay on message and control the topic?

Event design & moderation

How to moderate an event or panel that people will remember?

Training Personal branding

Who are you and how do you want to be seen, known and liked for?

Negotiation & conflict resolution

a compromise that makes nobody happy, or a win-win outcome?

3 options how we can train you: 

open trainings

  • We often organise open trainings for individuals
  • small groups, good food and a safe learning environment
  • practice is tailored to your reality and needs.


  • Together we craft a training to the  needs of your organization.
  • 1/2, full or multi-day
  • Ready to apply from day one.

private coaching

  • online or onsite
  • full attention to your needs, tempo, agenda and way of working.
  • discrete

2024 Spring training program

Mix 'n Match your own track to communicate better in the bubble.
Want to hop on the train?

  1. Moderation & event design
  2. Negotiation & conflict resolution
  3. Personal branding
  4. Public Speaking & Presentation
  • Fridays 10-16
  • Nice location, good coffee, great lunch.
  • 2 trainers, max 6 participants per trainer.
  • little theory, lots of practice.
  • Focussed on your work and needs

mix and match your own track

1,2,3 trainings or the complete package.
The more you choose, the more benefit. In goodies, but mostly for your personal development.




all 4









free book 

free book




private coaching session

private coaching session

Book the complete package and get a full hour of private coaching to practice more, get more feedback or discus a case.  
(online or in person when possible)

Free book

Book 3 or 4 trainings and get a free book. All our trainings are about how to navigate a bubble full of different people.

Executive private speaker coaching in Brussels

Executive speaker coaching

Having to deliver a speech or give a presentation, and want to make it memorable?

We provide high level executive speaker coaching & media training. Always discrete and tailored to you as a person.

We can tailor make any training to your needs

Besides our standard trainings, we can tailor make a training to the needs of your organisation. 

Example: hybrid events training

"Can you train us how we should do hybrid events? Like what equipment we need and how to deliver it?" asked a big European organization that does a lot of trainings and events.

Instead we took it a level higher and started with they big questions: why would you want hybrid events? Can you afford not to? What are the standards you want to set?

Instead of us telling them what to do, the participants themselves created their 'hybrid event canvas'. Only when this was done, we had a training on how to deliver it the right way. By covering the knowledge, skills and attitude level, we established a much more sustainable result. 

Inquire about our trainings & coaching for public speaking and event design in Brussels and Europe

Lets talk how we can create the optimal training or coaching for you, your team or your organisation. Coffee is always free!

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