Public Speaking & Presentation

Public Speaking & Presentation training in Brussels!

Elevate your public speaking and presentation skills. Learn to craft a memorable speech, give an effective presentation and engage audiences with confidence. In our program you learn and practise to deliver your message so that it not only reaches your audience, but resonates and convinces. Whether you're addressing a boardroom or a large audience, your colleagues, experts or a class of children: our training is designed to enhance your impact and leave a lasting impression. We teach you how build a presentation people follow and understand, argumentation that convinces and how to deliver it with confidence.

What you will learn

  • Frameworks to build / create an effective presentation structure.
  • Crafting impactful speeches with storytelling.
  • Audience engagement and active learning strategies.
  • Persuasive argumentation skills.
  • Managing public speaking anxiety, feel confident and give the impression you want to give.
  • Using visual aids (powerpoints etc) effectively.
  • Tailoring messages to diverse audiences.

Options for in-company

Our in-company training options are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization, ensuring that your team gains the skills and confidence required for exceptional public speaking and presentation abilities. Here are the customizable options we offer:

  1. 1/2, 1,2 or multiday
  2. focussed on presentation, pitching, argumentation or debating
  3. gamification such as a debate tournament, a pitch contest or your incompany TEDx event.
  4. Onsite, webinars (ondemand) and/or Online Training

Interested in this training?

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