March 9


case: debates for the European elections

In the context of the upcoming European elections and the awareness of this among the Dutch population, the European Parliament Office in the Netherlands wanted to organize a number of events. The important role played by the European Parliament in European decision-making and legislation should be properly emphasized, and by extension the importance of the upcoming European elections.

​Rogier and Lianne organised three public gatherings

- Election festival for first-time voters
- Expertmeeting Beyond boundaries: working cross-border in the Euregion
- Public debat about Energy Valley

Public debate about Energy

MEP Bas Eickhout (vice president Greens/EFA) and MP Diland Yesilkoz (RENEW) debated the future of our energy policies.

​Election festival for first-time voters

​Expertmeeting Beyond boundaries: working cross-border in the Euregion

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