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Merle Becker

Merle Becker, a moderator and host specializing in complex future topics with a focus on sustainability, is a dynamic political scientist and international peace research expert (M.A.). Fluent in German, English, and French and Merle has founded two NGOs. 

  • Multifaceted Expertise: Political scientist with a focus on international peace research, specializing in social, economic, and ecological sustainability.
  • Entrepreneurial Initiative: Founder of two NGOs, demonstrating a commitment to real-world impact.
  • Educator and Moderator: Lecturer at Karls University of Applied Sciences, coupled with freelance moderation experience since 2018.
Founder of NGOs
Years of experience
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Guiding Discussions on Complex Future Topics

Merle Becker possesses a profound expertise in steering conversations around intricate future topics, placing a specific emphasis on sustainability. As a seasoned moderator and host, she navigates through the complexities of global challenges, fostering meaningful dialogues that delve into the intricate layers of issues shaping our future.

Merle's acute focus on sustainability ensures that discussions not only explore the challenges at hand but also inspire concrete actions for a more sustainable and resilient future.

Entrepreneurial with Founding of Two NGOs

A trailblazer in entrepreneurial leadership, Merle Becker has demonstrated her commitment to driving positive change through the founding of two non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

These organizations stand as a testament to her proactive approach in addressing social and environmental issues. Merle's entrepreneurial spirit goes beyond words, translating her convictions into tangible initiatives that contribute to the betterment of society and the planet.

Passionate Commitment Creating

At the heart of Merle Becker's endeavors lies a passionate commitment to shaping a world characterized by fairness, social justice, and environmental sustainability. Her advocacy extends beyond rhetoric, manifesting in a relentless pursuit of creating positive impacts on a global scale.

Whether through moderation, entrepreneurial ventures, or educational initiatives, Merle tirelessly works towards fostering a future where equity, justice, and sustainability coexist harmoniously for the benefit of current and future generations. Her commitment is not merely professional; it is a personal crusade for a better world. 

Moderator Merle Becker

Merle Becker, a distinguished moderator and host specializing in complex future topics with a strong focus on sustainability, is a seasoned political scientist with a background in international peace research (M.A.). Fluent in German, English, and French, Merle is not only an educator at Karls University of Applied Sciences, where she teaches "Ethical Management," but also the founder of two NGOs. Since 2018, she has passionately contributed to discussions on a global platform, aiming to create a livable future by advocating for a fair, socially just global society and environmental sustainability. Merle's expertise extends to moderating conferences, congresses, shows, panels, and interviews, making her a sought-after professional in navigating discussions on pressing global issues.

Merle is on the brink of completing her second master's degree in "Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Technology," a testament to her dedication to understanding the intricate balance between environmental consciousness, business innovation, and technological advancement. Her academic pursuits have equipped her with a comprehensive skill set poised for meaningful contributions in this ever-evolving field.

While German serves as her native language, Merle seamlessly navigates professional realms in English, effectively communicating and collaborating across international borders. Additionally, her proficiency in French, primarily utilized within her personal sphere, stands as a testament to her linguistic versatility. Although she has not yet moderated in a professional capacity in French, her fluency adds depth to her multicultural aptitude.

This unique amalgamation of academic excellence, coupled with a multilingual proficiency, positions Merle to engage actively in global conversations surrounding sustainable entrepreneurship and technology. Her diverse skill sets and linguistic prowess fuel her passion for effecting positive change and driving innovation on a global scale.

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