Workshop facilitation tutorial & preparation sheet

Having to facilitate a workshop? Where to start? How to plan the agenda? How to take your role? and how to make sure people leave exited, not exhausted. And how to make sure you'll have an interesting discussion, not awkward silences or just one way communication.?

Our moderator and experienced trainer Rogier Elshout explains you how to a 30-minute training on how to engage in a workshop through interaction design. 

Below it you'l find the preparation template to help you design your own workshop!

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2024 Spring training program

Mix 'n Match your own track to communicate better in the bubble.
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  1. Moderation & event design
  2. Negotiation & conflict resolution
  3. Personal branding
  4. Public Speaking & Presentation
  • Fridays 10-16
  • Nice location, good coffee, great lunch.
  • 2 trainers, max 6 participants per trainer.
  • little theory, lots of practice.
  • Focussed on your work and needs

mix and match your own track

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free book




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