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Emna Chaouch

I am Speakerpreneur – entrepreneur at heart and passionate about Public Speaking.

As a Moderator, I bring the knowledge of numerous business topics, while putting people at ease with the exercise of public speaking. With this background I am able to bring new dynamism, more engagement and more impact to EU events. I like to challenge the pre-conceived ideas and bring new perspectives and try to uncover the stories behind facts. I love empowering people to speak up their mind authentically. I believe this can truly contribute to inspire and impact the world around us.

  • Knowledge and experience of a wide array of events: from business to politics and from very formal to very relaxed: I'm able to borrow the best from all of them.
  • Public speaking specialist who makes speakers feel safe and at ease.
  • Dynamic personality and enthusiasm that energizes audiences
years experience
events annualy
languages: Native French & Fluent English

Thorough preparation.

Always up for new knowledge, Emna loves learning about new topics, getting to know new people and discovering new disciplines connected to the world of entrepreneurship and business.

To complement her in-depth knowledge on these topics, she prepares through both self-documentation and discussions with the stakeholders.
This upfront work enables to, later on, immediately go straight to the core of the topic and engage in meaningful discussions (rather than staying on the surface of the matter).

Thanks to this collective preparation, everyone feels ready and comfortable on the D-day. Paradoxically, that also creates space for potential improvisation, flexibility and spontaneity.

People’s ally.

Emna’s gift is her contagious energy, which engages audiences and makes speakers feel comfortable opening up.

She has lived in 5 different countries split around the world, made her best friends on different continents. She loves understanding people’s life, what’s important to them, and helps them identify and formulate the messages they want to transmit to the world in an inspiring and impactful way.

Perfectly fluent both in French and English, she can adapt with any type of culture or person (including VIPs).

In her moderations, she likes to put herself in the audience’s shoes and ask the relevant questions many might be asking themselves but don’t dare to share. She also makes sure that the answers are made simple, accessible for everyone and concrete.

Dynamic stage owner.

Emna has loved to be on stages since early childhood. She has played in many musicals as a singer and actor ; practiced theater, improv ; played the guitar, the violin and the piano.

On stage she can adapt the context, goal and atmosphere of any event: be it an award show, a hackaton or a policy debate about complex and sensitive topics.

She has now turned her combined passions for public speaking & business into a career as an MC, Moderator, Speaker, Trainer, Coach for her clients as well as within the TEDxBrussels organization.

Emna Chaouch is a Speakerpreneur.

She combines her knowledge and experience of the business world with the art of public speaking. As an MC, Moderator, Speaker, Trainer & Coach, she regularly practices both these skills at the service of national and international private and public events.  Her goal is to ensure meaningful, instructive and authentic discussions, while also having a very pleasant time.



Emna est une formidable oratrice

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