Beatriz Rios

Making policy sexy and newsy

Beatriz Rios

As a reporter, a broadcast journalist and a moderator, I bring the sharpness of TV debates, the last-minute development and the deep knowledge of the policy and politics of into conferencing, with an eye on the public interest and another on the decision-makers, to make policy sexy for everyone.

  • Make it conversational so that everyone feels involved
  • Attention to the detail and the key messages
  • A wide vision of the topic
Years EU policy experience
different media outlets from 7 different countries around the world
Fluent in 3 languages

Knowledge absorber.

As a journalist, her favourite part of the jobs is being able to learn about a new subject every day. She imprints that passion and eagerness and the ability to quickly understand the importance of a story and making it simple and accessible for everyone into her moderating skills, asking the right questions to get the best out of every speaker.


Beatriz started as a reporter for a small publication in Spain and grew her portfolio over the years to become a regular political commentator for BBC, a correspondent for the Luxembourg Times and a casual radio and TV reporter. She has covered a wide variety of issues in her career from the refugee crisis in Greece to the work towards the completion of the Banking Union and the latest developments on the Brexit saga. She brings the sharpness of live debates and the attention to the detail into her moderations.

Wide Vision.

In a globalized world, all themes are interconnected one way or another. As an EU reporter, Beatriz aims at putting issues into a wider perspective, bringing into the conversation the different aspects and national nuances to better understand the context.


excellent on so many levels

Beatriz's preparation is excellent on so many levels. She brings knowledge and freshness, attention to details and positive energy, and it is always a pleasure to work with her.

Monica Tiberi, - communication advisor

great experience for the participants

She is adept at teasing out the key points of any topic and quickly getting to the core of speakers' arguments in an engaging style.

Daniel Kaddik - Executive Director of the European Liberal Forum

ideal moderator

"Beatriz is the ideal moderator. She combines an in-depth knowledge of policy with a relaxed and chatty style, putting panellists at ease. But she also knows exactly when to ask challenging questions!"

Ross Melzer - head of Events at EURACTIV

pivotal for the success of our event

Beatriz was able to bring together their different inputs by providing accurate wrap-ups and directing the conversation to the speakers able to highlight different points of views. Her ability to grasp the (somewhat technical and detailed) content quickly and the ability to steer the conversation and maintain cohesion and direction of the discussion has been pivotal for the success of our event.

Ischi Graus - Communication and Campaigns coordinator at the EU office of Plan International
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Beatriz Rios

Beatriz Rios is a reporter, broadcast journalist and moderator with five years of experience covering EU affairs. For the past months, she has become a regular events moderator for companies, think tanks, NGOs and media outlets. As a moderator, she ensures lively meaningful discussions, powerful messages and a strong link with the current affairs.

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