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Now hiring: we are looking for you

We are growing fast and we are looking for new people to join our team. We have some roles in mind. Maybe you fit one of them. Or two. Or none, but you have a great idea. Contact us, all talent is welcome!

project/booking manager

You are guiding the whole customer journey from request to evaluation. You match the most suitable moderator to the request, plan the agenda and keep oversight for both client and moderator. You make proposals and invoices.

You are super well organised, a planner by heart and see possible issues from miles away. You are able to help the client get their request more clear and you bring a little joy every phone call.

marketeer & businessdev

You make sure the whole bubble knows and trust us for moderation. And you bring new ideas for services we can offer.

You are a creative marketeer with a liking for what we do and a good understanding of the EU.


junior or senior

You share our style, professionalism and way of working. Or you want to learn it. You know how the EU works. You know what is customary, but you like to deviate from that where possible.

Brussels based or not: the whole EU is welcome.

so what do we have to offer?

A great team, lots of ambition and a lot freedom to do things you want, the way you want and to develop the things you want. And if things go well great company trips.

what is the deal?

We are a virtual office and work as freelancers. We are looking for people that are flexible and work when there is demand. All other arrangements, ways of working and practicalities are all up for discussion. We like to start with people and tailor work around them, not expect people to fit a mall. of course we are an equal opportunities organisation, we work with anybody from any background (and we like them a little exceptional) as long as you spark joy.

Contact us via, give us a call (+31624768948) or find us on Linkedin!

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